Thursday, June 14, 2012

Education in the Third World

When born into this world, the future of each child is a blank canvas - in terms of intellectual capability or imagination there is no discrepancy between a First and Third World child. It is the environment and opportunities available to them that then begin to mark and shape that canvas and determine the life path of each child. Will they get an education? Will they be fed, housed, healthy and looked after? Opportunity, education and environment become barriers in a

Third World child's life - what's to say that given an education and the opportunity these children couldn't be sporting heroes, politicians or the doctors of tomorrow?

While education forms the foundation of many Western societies, in the Third World there are endless obstacles to school attendance, whether they be school fees, illegal child labour issues, illness, lack of parental guidance or political conflict. Reversing this trend is crucial, because education is not only the key to alleviating poverty on an individual or family level, but can also break the cycle of poverty for an entire country.