Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Importance of Value Education

The world will start learning from the mistakes done in the past which few leaders did because a little misunderstanding can bring instability in the world, due to this misunderstanding and bad politics the most powerful country of its time, i.e. Soviet Union fell down, it is the mistakes which had turned the whole world into the battleground during the world wars. America is not able to control the number of its enemies. India and Pakistan are fighting with each other since the day they came into existence. But the third world will be free from all these problems, These things will be unaccepted in the third world.

But for all this, we need nice people. The third world needs nice people who are strong in morals, because it is they who are going to make the difference, and their demand will be fulfilled by the universities, the university should provide moral and value education to the students beside the professional studies.

Character is the basic thing, the man with good character is all that this current world needs, who will drive this world to the third world, the world of dreams, where everybody would love to live. The third world is very far from us, but it is possible to reach there.